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Internet Consulting: Web Strategy In-Depth

I provide a full range of in-depth consulting services to help you maximize the return on your Web and social media investment.

A complete audit of your Web analytics will show you how effective your Web presence is, and give you a list of recommendations for enhancement.

This can also be helpful if you're doing a major redesign and want an idea of what's working well on your current site and should be retained in some form.

If you're embarking on a design project, I can help you to define your complete strategy and promotional tactics. I'll create a roadmap for your site showing the desired structure, content outline, and calls to action, as well a marketing plan covering both your Website and appropriate social media.

All of this can be done remotely by phone, e-mail and Web meeting. However, I can also come to your offices and facilitate an in-person discussion based on our roadmap between your team, your Web designers and your copywriters. This can be extremely useful in creating agreement and a shared vision for the future.

And of course, I can stay involved as your plans are implemented to ensure that you continue on the right track, and make informed decisions about any necessary adjustments along the way.

Contact me today to find the service option that's right for you, and maximize the ROI on your Web and social media presence!

Sample Client Successes
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Site traffic increased tenfold (read the full story)
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