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Use Your Web Analytical Tools

Speaking Program: Big Data for Any-Size Company

I've audited over 5,000 web presences since 1995, and over 95% of them were leaving money on the table - either through missed opportunities for sales and leads, or through time and energy expended to little or no avail.

There are plenty of evaluation tools, both for your website, and increasingly, for social and mobile media. Yet many business owners are still not sure how to measure their digital success, or how to identify clear problems - and they're leaking money and other resources every day.

Find out what's really going on with your digital marketing efforts - and how to leverage them most effectively. This program will help you to ensure that you're using the best tactics, allocating an appropriate mix of resources, making the most of all opportunities, and maximizing your return on investment.

Following this highly customized program, you will understand how to:
  • Select digital marketing measurement tools to meet your specific needs;
  • Drill down beyond the "feel-good" numbers for actionable information;
  • Identify and fix hidden "leaks" in your digital presence which are draining your bottom line; and
  • Apply new insights across the organization for maximum impact.
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