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Internet Consulting: The "Leaky Boat Website" Review

I've reviewed over 5,000 websites since 1995, and 95% of them were leaving money on the table!

Is your website leaking opportunities for revenue, lead generation, and customer loyalty?
Are you spending money, time and resources on tactics that aren't paying off?
Could you be cutting costs through more savvy use of your online presence?
Might a few tweaks make a big difference to your bottom line?

Get my "Leaky Boat Website" review and plug the holes in your strategy!

I'll be looking for:
  • Pages, content or navigation that should be more intuitive, useable, or compelling;
  • Any current spending that should be reduced or eliminated;
  • Opportunities for further online revenue or lead generation activities;
  • Opportunities for improved or additional functionality;
  • Opportunities for increased online visibility; and
  • Full integration of your social media and online public relations activities with your website (if applicable).
You'll receive my findings in a written report, plus up to an hour phone (or Skype) meeting to answer your questions and explore any further issues.

You can choose from 3 levels of my input:
  1. The top 3 most critical leaks in your site, together with my recommended actions for repairing them;
  2. The top 5 critical leaks with my recommendations - a more in-depth review; or
  3. The top 5 leaks, my recommendations, and a follow-up review 30 days after you implement the suggested changes to evaluate results.
This report won't overwhelm you with everything I could possibly say about your site - it cuts to the chase of the most important and immediately actionable items so you can start to fix things right away.

Request your review today and maximize the ROI on your Web presence!

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internet consulting
website consultant
website consultant
Leaky Boat Audio Guide
website consultant
website consultant
website consultant
internet consulting
internet consulting
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internet consulting
internet consulting
internet consulting
internet consulting "We got every dollar's worth that we asked for! We now have a good sense of where to go with our Web strategy, and how to tackle the project."
Sharon Birkman Fink,
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internet consulting
internet consulting
" . . . very helpful. You raised some issues that hadn't occurred to us . . ."
Betsy Boyd-Flynn,
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